Rafia Chic Collection

Welcome to our collection of Rafia Chic Beautiful handmade shoes, featuring our brogues, loafers and sandales.

Designed in Australia, and handmade by the most skilled artisans of woven rafia. Using an age old craft, these shoes are beautifully crafted to the highest quality. Our makers are all women, chosen for there ability to create the intricate designs with an eye for perfection.

Rafia Chic is styled for our casual and understated, yet sophisticated customer, with an appreciation and love of all things natural, unique and beautiful. The rafia fibres are hand dyed to our selected colours, giving a beautiful authentic patina to the shoes. Each pair is unique and sculpted perfectly to the foot, making these extremely comfortable as they mould to the foot.

We hope you love these shoes as much as we do.

Trish x

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