Our Story

Rafia Chic was established in 2010, following a visit to Morocco with my sister, where we were struck by the beauty and pure elegance of the rafia handmade work being done there. By chance and good fortune we made a connection with the maker of the finest rafia artisan work, then creating amazing shoes for some of the finest design houses in Europe. As a seasonal product, we waited for the quiet period of production and Rafia Chic in Australia was born.

I design these shoes for myself and for our Australian lifestyle. Rafia Chic reflects a lifestyle, a love of all things natural, pure and beautiful. Being handmade by a team of highly skilled female artisans, there is an authenticity and uniqueness to each pair.  

RafiaChic shoes are beautifully styled, with intricately handwoven uppers and leather soles. Under-stated and yet sophisticated, these are perfect for today's modern coastal-chic lifestyle.

Designed and made with love, I hope you love them too !

Trish Barnes x