Our Story

Established in 2010, Rafia Chic was born following a trip to Essaouira by our founder, Trish Barnes, and her sister who were struck by the unbridled beauty and elegance of handmade Moroccan raffia products. Through chance, they made a connection with the makers of some of the finest raffia work who they discovered were creating extraordinary footwear for some of Europe’s best design houses.

Given the seasonality of the raffia palm, they waited for the quiet period of production before enlisting these artisans to produce their timeless designs, which they knew would be perfect for the transience of Australian lifestyle.

Trish has now taken a step back and handed the running of this unique business over to Camilla Nelson. Camilla’s love of texture both in fashion and nature has made her the perfect fit for Rafia Chic. But above all else, it is her belief in the premise of our story all those years ago back in Morocco, that the best objects in life are born out of real human connections.

Rafia Chic shoes are exquisitely styled, with intricately handwoven uppers and strong leather soles. Under-stated and yet sophisticated, our products will be the perfect, enduring companion for today’s ephemeral lifestyle.

We really, really love our shoes. We hope you do too.

Rafia Chic XX